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Forum for Religious Freedom (FRF) supports the separation of religion and state and advocates pluralism worldwide. Religious diversity is a precious human asset, and is under great threat around the world. FRF draws its inspiration and respect for all religious traditions from the pluralistic ethos of Hinduism and other Dharma traditions.

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FRF is endorsed by the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, the apex,  non-denominational, unifying body that provides leadership, guidance and a collective voice for the Hindus. FRF is proud to have received the endorsement of this augustbody and hopes to collaborate with them (and other like-minded groups) on issues of common interest.

Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha

The Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha consists of the heads of over 125 ancient Hindu traditional institutions. Every region, varna and sampradaya are represented in this august body, making it a truly diverse and pluralistic body that provides a united voice and guidance for Hindus.  The formation of the Acharya Sabha is unique in India’s history bringing together the following traditions, that share many things in common even as they are diverse: Advaita, Dvaita, Vaishnava, Sena Sampradaya, Lingayat, Saiva Adheenam, Varkari, Vallabhacharya, Nimbarka, Swaminarayan, Suddhadvaita, Pushtimarga, Vaishnava,  Kabir Panth and others.

Acharya Sabha 2010 Conference Resolutions

Acharya Sabha 2008 Conference Resolutions

Jerusalem 2008 - Second Hindu Jewish Leadership Summit Report

New Delhi 2007 - First Hindu Jewish Leadership Summit Report

Minimum Knowledge for being a Hindu - Hindu Identity Package

Preservation of Non-aggressive Religious Traditions


The Forum for Religious Freedom supports the following Acharya Sabha initiatives which have already had a significant impact on the religious freedom of Hindus:

Hindu Jewish Leadership Summits resulting in Joint Declarations of Mutual Understanding and Cooperation: the New Delhi 2007 Declaration and the Jerusalem 2008 Declaration,

Working to broaden Religious Freedom to include the standpoint of non-aggressive traditions - a key Human Rights issue,

Working for Consensus on various issues facing Hindus, including social reform.